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2019 Drivers Championship Results

Overall Drivers Championship 2019

Position Driver Points Car
1st Ian Beningfield 59 MG TF
2nd Jim Lott 53 MG F & MG Metro Turbo
3rd Andrew Owst 48 MG TC & Midget
4th Mike Angwin 45 MG F
5th Sue Owst 44 MG Midget & BGT
6th Peter Jones 43 MG 18/80
7th Chris Pelmear 42 MG Midget
8th John Dorney 37 MG A & Midget
8th Rob Griffiths 37 MG TD & Midget
10th Simon Lott 35 MG Metro Turbo

Class One
Vintage, MMM S, V, W

Position Driver Car Points
1st Peter Jones 18/80 48 
=2nd Keith Riches PA 25
=2nd Mark Smith KN 25

Class Two
Y, T, Z, Farina, Magnette

Position Driver Car Points
=1st Frank Vautier TC 25
=1st James Burmester TC 25
=1st Robert Newbury TD 25

Class Three
Midget, AH Sprite, Arkley

Position Driver Car Points
1st Chris Pelmear Midget 44
2nd Andrew Owst Midget 39

Class Four
A, B , C, V8, RV8

Position Driver Car Points
=1st Ann Jacobs MG A & C 25
=1st Dacid Jacobs MG A & C 25
=1st Rob Orford MG B 25
=1st Sue Owst MG BGT 25
=1st Val Blake MGB 25

Class Five

Position Driver Car Points
1st Ian Beningfield MG TF 60
2nd Mike Angwin MGF 39

Class Six
MG1100, MG1300, Metro/Maestro/Montego, Zeds, MG3 and MG6

Position Driver Car Points
=1st Jim Lott MG Metro Turbo 35
=1st Simon Lott MG Metro Turbo 35
2nd Neil Lock MG ZR160 25

Ladies Championship
Sue Owst – MG Midget & BGT

Best Newcomer
John Dorney – MG A & Midget

Thanks once again to Neil Lock for compiling the results. Awards will be presented at our Annual Dinner

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