There was an eclectic mix of entries with five vintage cars and six post-war machines, and it was good to see three teenage navigators taking part.

Route cards were handed out at minute intervals from 10.30 am and most crews spent about an hour plotting the locations of the twenty Clue-points before setting out to find them.

Crews had to visit fourteen Clue-points and had to record at least two Code-boards and no more than three bonus clues. Unfortunately one code-board had disappeared overnight necessitating a quick re-route for a number of crews.

Everyone arrived back within their time limit of four hours plus fifteen minutes but a number of crews were penalised for visiting a fourth bonus clue, in which case the final one was not marked.

The weather was perfect for some sixty miles of top down motoring and everyone had enjoyed a day of light-hearted motorsport.

Entry List

         Driver                  Navigator               Car                                  Club        Class

  1. Robert Renshaw    Liz Renshaw          1951 MG TD           VSCC           A
  2. Stephen Kay          Malcolm Hatfield    1921 Crossley PWA7/Crossley   B
  3. Colin Bromley        Lucy Hawker          1924 Austin 7          PWA7           B
  4. Adrian Bradshaw   Nettie Bradshaw    1929 Austin 7           PWA7           B
  5. Mark O’Neil            Alfie Kmeta            1956 MG A             MGCC          B *
  6. Paul Mills               Victoria Mills          1965 Mini Cooper    HRCR           B *
  7. Richard Stibbs       Gillian Stibbs         2003 MG TF           MGCC          B
  8. David Harris           Worth Birkill          1964 Mini Cooper    HRCR           A
  9. Duncan Buck         Emilia Buck           1930 Riley              Riley            A *
  10. Louise Mills           Russell Hennessy  1923 Bullnose Morris  VSCC         B
  11. Jackie Wilson        Peter Rushforth     1965 MGB             HRCR           A
    Class A   Expert
    Class B   Novice
    *Denotes teenage navigator

    The results can be found on the results page here.