A report by Jim Lott.

Following on from the success of last year’s Summer Picnic, Alan Diamond and Dave Heath arranged this year’s event to be held at Barrington Court, a National Trust property near to Ilminster in Somerset.

The day looked a bit grey when I left Bristol not in my MG unfortunately. The Metro Turbo required a de-coke to solve some loss of power issues and was in the process of being put back together and I ran out of time to complete the job. I therefore attended in my step daughter’s Toyota Yaris MG Metro Turbo substitute! (My MGF was being used by Sam my step son). However I was not the only club member not to arrive in an MG.

Alan and Dave had arranged for the cars to be parked in the quadrangle in front of Court House, and we managed to get 21 cars in the space with a nice grass area for the picnic.

Our special thanks go to the staff of Barrington Court who were most helpful when the arrangements were being made and on the day with a substantial discount on the entry fee and stewarding the cars to the correct place.