If you’re new to using your MG for competition then don’t worry you’ll find all of our events are welcoming and your fellow competitors a friendly and knowledgeable bunch. It’s important to read the specific instructions for each event but below is a beginners guide to each of the different competitive disciplines.

Car Trials

Gets your car muddy but tremendous fun. Car Trials are made up of several, often muddy and slippery, uphill “sections” on one site. The further up each section you get the better, reaching the top of the section know as clearing will score you zero, stopping before the top will incur penalty points. You will have several attempts at the section with your worst score dropped. The winner will be the driver with the lowest score across all the different sections.

Although some cars are modified to be trial specials the events are suitable for most cars although you will need to carry a small fire extinguisher. All you need to take part is a friend or partner as a passenger must be carried at all times and your MGCC membership card.  

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Classic Trials

Cover a much longer distance than car trials with competitors navigating their way between the various sections on public roads. Each of the special tests presents its own challenge sometimes it is just to reach the top of the hill, other times competitors will need to stop astride a line mid section then perform a tricky hill start without rolling backwards, there’s even the daunting Alham Splash ford to negotiate.

The trial is open to all era’s of MG and is designed to be non damaging but the nature of the special sections means a reasonable ground clearance is desirable.

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Very good entertainment and experience in handling your car safely at low speed, autotests can be run on either tarmac or grass. And are a timed event that consists of navigating your way around a number cones or poles that make up the course known as a test. 

During the course of the event you will have the muliple chances to tackle several different tests, with your slowest time on each test dropped. After dropping scores all your times are added together, the driver with the lowest combined time is the winner.

Suitable for all types of car, all you need to take part is your MOT certificate and your club membership card.

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During a hillclimb each car is timed to the hundredth of a second as they race up tarmac course. Often narrow and twisty hillclimbs still offer competitors the chance to reach impressive top speeds with the margin for error very low.

Cars leave the startline one at a time and tackle the hill solo but will be competing against others in the same class. Classes cater for increasing levels of modification from standard roadgoing cars to full race cars on slick tyres.

Hillclimbing requires a licence from the MSA, the UK Motorsport governing body and also protective equipment including a crash helmet and fireproof overalls. Depending on the class entered safety modifications are also needed for the car.

For those who get the hillclimbing bug the MG Car Club runs it’s own championship.

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Sprints are the same discipline as hillclimbs but instead of racing up a hill sprints take part on the flat, often either at race circuits or disused airfields. Typically sprint tracks feature wider tracks and are faster than hillclimbs.

Like hillclimbs to take part you will need an MSA license and the correct safety equipment. The MG Car Club speed championship features a number of sprints for those who want to venture beyond the South West region.

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