Once again, the event was a great success!  The weather, although looking menacing, held off until after the last timed run.

The two practice runs in the morning ran very smoothly and enabled the lunch break to be held at 12:15.

The two timed runs in the afternoon had a couple of incidents but did not hold up proceedings too long.

At the end of the event, the trophies were handed out to the Award and Class winners by the Chairman Jim Lott.  This was new for this year and seemed to please the winners who walked away with their trophies.

The full results are can be found by clicking here Results link

Award Winners

Don Smith Trophy – Best MMM – 108 Graham Meyer

Cider Apple Trophy – Best MG T Type – 8 Keith Beningfield

Bristol Motor Company Cup – Best MG driven by an MG Member- 92 John Tandy

Best Lady – 690 Gill Elwell

Fastest Time of Day – 97 Ben Wheeler – 37.70secs

CLASS 2(b) Pre 1955 std and mod sports cars 751-1100cc un s/c and up to 750cc supercharged
1st, 2 Andrew Morland – MG L1 

CLASS 2(c) Pre 1955 std and mod sports cars 1101-1500cc un s/c and up to 1100cc supercharged
1st, 5 Mike James – Riley TT Sprite Replica

CLASS 2(d) Pre 1955 std and mod sports cars 1501-2000cc un s/c and up to 1500cc supercharged
1st, 10 Rod Briggs – AC Special

Class A1 Road-Going Series Production Cars up to 1400cc
1st, 15 Peter Stiles – Suzuki Swift GTi

Class A2 Road-Going Series Production Cars 1400cc up to 1800cc
1st 103 Jonathon Wright – VW Golf GTi
2nd 21 James Hudson – VW Golf GTi
3rd 19 Mike Ford – Lotus Elise SI

Class A3 Road-Going Series Production Cars over 1800cc up to 2600cc
1st, 27 Anthony Wright – Audi A3

Class A4 Road-Going Series Production Cars over 2600cc
1st 35 Simon Neve – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6RS
2nd 38 Stephen Moore – Mitsubishi Evo 6

Class B3 Road-Going Specialist Production Cars. Car engines over 1800cc & M/C Engines
1st, 43 Adrian Lewis – Westfield Superbusa

Class C2 Modified Series Production Cars over 1400cc up to 1800cc
1st 49 Martyn Pike – Ford Escort Mk1
2nd 51 Gordon Iles – Vauxhall Tigra

Class C3 Modified Series Production Cars over 1800cc
1st, 53 Jonathon Williamson – Porsche 911 Carrera

Class 3 Classic Marques Speed Challenge
1st, 61 Steve Hill -Lotus 7
2nd, 60 Roger Coote – Ginetta G4
3rd, 62 Alan Hugh Davies – TVR Griffith

CLASS 4 DEWS – Downton Motor Club Speed Championship
1st, 73 Andrew Mathis – Locost 4

CLASS 5 Lotus 7 Speed Championship
1st, 637 Matt Bramall – Caterham Super 7 Zetec
2nd, 530 Rob Clay – Caterham Supersport
1st, 558 Richard Price – Caterham 7
2nd, 555 Michael Calvert – Caterham 7
1st, 562 Mike Cocker – Caterham 7
1st, 579 Michael Sankey – Caterham 7 Superlight
1st, 590 Shaun Elwell – Caterham 7 Superlight
1st, 599 Simon Rogers – Caterham Hayabusa

CLASS 6 Revington TR/TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship
1st, 77 John Weedon – Triumph TR4

Class 7 MG Car Club Speed Championship
Group 1.
1st, 82 Ian Howlett – MGF Trophy
Group 3.
1st, 87 Rob Orford – MGB
Group 4.
1st, 88 Ben Rolls – AH Sprite

CLASS E2 Racing Cars over 1100cc up to 1600cc
1st, 95 Andrew Forsyth – OMS CFO4

CLASS E3 Racing Cars over 1600cc up to 2000cc
1st, 101 Kevin Frost – KMD 004