Date: 8th July 2018

Venue: Iford Manor and Peto Gardens Nr. Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

The event was organised once again, by Alan Diamond and Dave Heath.  The venue was also chosen as the end point of the MGA Register, South West day. 

For the MGCC Summer picnic there is no set route, just turn up at the venue with your picnic and enjoy the company of MG owners and the surroundings. 

The MGA Register South West Day, however, had an organised route starting at the Compass Inn Tormarton and travelling through several villages and towns in Wiltshire to the final destination.  I joined the MGAs at the Compass Inn for registration and to get a route book.  Alan Whitfield, who organised the run, had invited other MGs to take part if they wished.  I was the only one to take up the invitation in my MGF.  


MGAs lined up in the car park of the Compass Inn Tormarton

The route book was very clear and had some interesting points of interest where the cars could stop and take a look round.  My son Simon, navigated and we decided to go straight to the picnic as we were carrying the South West Centre flag that needed to be at the entrance to the paddock to show the other MGs where they should park.  After a very pleasant run through rural Wiltshire we approached our destination.

The final part of the route was down a very narrow winding lane and once the Manor was in sight, across a bridge over the river and into the paddock opposite the Manor house.  The cars were parked in the paddock, along the river bank facing away from the Manor for a photo opportunity.


Some of the attending MGs lined up on the river bank with Iford Manor house in the background

Parked in the paddock were 14 MGs, 3 other cars (belonging to members but not MGs) plus 20 MGA Register member’s cars.

The weather was exceedingly warm and the members gathered in the shade, under a large tree at the rear of the paddock for their picnic.  The venue also provided two portable gazebos for additional shade.

Those who ventured out to the beautiful Manor house and its Grade 1 listed Italianate gardens, were rewarded with views of buildings and trees on a natural slope away from the rear of the house.  The slope was fairly easy to negotiate (even for me with my dodgy knee) as there are lots of steps built into the paths.  There was plenty of shade over the paths so the heat was quite bearable.

I would like to thank Betty and Derek Stanley for suggesting the venue, Alan And Dave for organising the event, Alan Whitfield for organising the MGA run and lastly to the owners of Iford Manor, William and Marianne  Cartwright-Hignett, for allowing us the use of their paddock and facilities.

Jim Lott
Chairman MGCC SW Centre

Here are the photos of the cars, picnic and gardens