The South West Centre had an invite from the Minehead Motor Club to take part in their Autotest at Ellicombe, just outside Minehead on a large grass field (a rugby training pitch).  In all there were 16 competitors with 3 MGs representing the South West Centre, Chris Pelmear, MG Midget, Mike Angwin, MGF and Dave Starr, MGF.

My son Simon and I attended to photograph and video the event and meet up with the organiser, Les Woodward and thank him for the invite.

There were 4 tests in all, 2 tests before a lunch break and 2tests after lunch.  Each competitor had 4 attempts at each test and the best time recorded.

The competitors were grouped in two classes, those that drove to the event (class A) and those that were trailered as specials (Class B). 

Several Minehead cars stood out for me, one was a Suzuki X90 fitted with a very whiney supercharger and another was a Reliant Kitten, a 4 wheel version of the Robin, and also fitted with a supercharger. Another was a very nice Westfield driven spiritedly on the grass and managed to have the tail wagging most of the time.

The overall winner was a trailered Fiat Punto, also winning class B.  Second overall and winning Class A was a Ford Fiesta.  The Ford Fiesta had an unfortunate incident during one of his Test 3 runs.  The bolt securing the bottom of the steering column to the rack dropped onto the driver’s feet whilst on the test which resulted in a distinct lack of steering!  He bought the car safely to a stop and managed to put it back together at the side of the test and then continued with the event.

Of the three MGs, Chris Pelmear managed 10th Overall and 5th in Class A.  Mike Angwin was 12thoverall and 6th in class A (0.3 seconds behind Chris) and Dave Starr was placed 15th overall and 8th in Class A.  Full results are available by clicking this link Ellicombe 25th June Results.  A video of the MGs competing is available on the South West Centre You Tube Channel and can be viewed by clicking on this link; Video of MGs At Ellicombe Autotest.

All the drivers had a great time at the event and the South West Centre has had another invite to a similar event at the same venue on the 30th July details on the events page of the website. 

I would like to see a few more SW Centre Entries to this event. It is non damaging and great fun being able to drive around cones in a field.

Jim Lott
Competitions Secretary
MG Car Club South West Centre