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Spring Autosolo

Bristol Pegasus Motor Club will be running an Autosolo at Rolls-Royce, Gypsy Patch Lane, Patchway Bristol with the kind permission of Rolls-Royce PLC.

The event will follow a similar format to our previous events at Rolls-Royce and Aust, however this year the main event will follow an All Forward Autotest format which will allow cars without MOT and TAX to compete and will also allow us greater flexibility on course layout following changes to the Autosolo regulations for 2017.

There will be two events running in parallel to give maximum flexibility:

  • a Clubmans All Forwards Autotest
  • a Clubmans Production Car Autotest.

The event will consist of a number of timed all-forward tests. The event takes place on smooth tarmac and should appeal to anyone who would like a bit of fun in their car. Any road car should be suitable. No competition licence is needed.
It is envisaged most entrants will enter the All Forward Autotest with younger drivers or drivers wishing to carry a passenger entering the Production Car Autotest.

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