Pre 1958 MG Convertible Required for TV filming

We have received a request from Andy Lawrence of  for a pre 1958 MG Convertible.  Andy’s message is below;

Good morning

My Name is Andy , I am working with the BBC on a period daytime drama , I am responsible for sourcing classic cars for the production.

We are currently looking for a pre 1958 MG convertible for some filming in the Cotswolds next Thursday , we will probably only require the car for 3/4 hours , the owner will be paid for their time and travelling expenses and also provided with refreshments , the car will be fully insured on the BBC insurance whilst with us.

Could you circulate my email to your members  please ?

Thank you


Ps – I will require other cars over the few months so if any of your members have any vehicles they can also contact me

If you think you can fulfil this request please contact Andy directly on the email above.

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