Wiscombe Hill Climb 8th Sep 2018 – MARSHALS WANTED

Saturday 08th September 2018

Dear all,
It’s fast approaching The MG Wiscombe hill climb on the 08th September. Whoop whoop I here you cry! I know some of you have already contacted me, thanks for that.

As ever I am looking for marshals for this event. Please could you contact me by any means you like (see below).

Replying makes my life so much easier in the planning stages so thanks in advance and please don’t worry if you can’t make it this year it’s just handy for me to know.

Marshals enable the meeting to take place and are very important, the trouble is Wiscombe is such a nice venue we seem to be losing marshals and they are all entering! So if you can bring along an able-bodied friend that’s great but please let me know in advance if possible. Once again thanks.

I think signing on will be at 0800 but will make this clear when I send out final instructions later, in late August, early September.

Best regards
Jon Pittard,
Assistant Clerk of Course & Chief Marshal

Tel 01275 879632 Home
07790 558058 Mobile

E-mail jon.pittard@btinternet.com (home and I phone)

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