Chairman’s Chat 1st June 2020

The start of meteorological summer is here and we should be getting out and about in our MGs, however, although the Government are easing the lock down rules, I still think it is wise to stay at home and stay safe.  My 2 MGs will be staying in hibernation for at least another month.

I have had a request from a new member who is looking for a tidy MG BGT that does not require a lot of work, to purchase.  I have looked in the current edition of Safety Fast and the only BGT I could find was a White V8 which is out of his price range.  However if anyone knows of a BGT for sale can they drop me an email at and I will pass on the details. 

On the 19th May, we had another successful virtual lunchtime natter on our FaceBook group, MG Car Club – South West Centre Lunchtime Natters.  The next natter is planned for Tuesday June 16th, which would normally be the lunch natter at the White Hart Iron Acton if the pubs were open.  The link to the Facebook group page can be found by clicking here.  If you would like to join the group, access the group page and ask John Bird to allow you access.

Stay safe,

Jim Lott, Chairman MGCC SW Centre




2 comments on “Chairman’s Chat 1st June 2020”

  1. David De Saxe Reply

    I’m fortunate to live in a rural area and have used my two MGA’s a great deal. For example, to pick up a medical prescription at my surgery is a distance of 3 miles. I turn it into 23 by taking a delightful, circuitous route on unclassified roads. Given the weather we’ve enjoyed continuously since lockdown I’ve had some wonderful local drives in an open MG. I think those who can get out and about enjoyably in their MGs should do so. You can arrange to meet a fellow member/members at a pre-arranged remote location, bringing your own picnics or whatever, and have a good chat about receding valve seats or broken half-shafts.

  2. david roberts Reply

    Here, Here, I, too live in a rural area and take my MGA Coupe out as much as possible. I have just completed a conversion mechanically to roughly what the works cars were in the early sixties and although the specsheets only state a modest increase in horsepower the driving experience is hugely improved. Much more mid range power. Instant throttle response. Only downside a bit more noise from the freeflow exhaust. I am quite happy to help anyone out who wishes to go the same route. I notice a lot more classic cars on the road all of a sudden. KEEP DRIVING!!.

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