MG Car Club EGM 17th April 2021 11:00am

In mid-January 2021 five Council Members became aware of an ongoing heavy handed disciplinary process at Club Office that had started at the beginning of December 2020. Those Council Members sent a joint email to the Club Chairman urging “the disciplinary process be halted with immediate effect and that urgent steps are taken to improve the professional management standards and restore staff morale”. The Council Members did not receive a reply to their email from the Executive Committee and their call for the disciplinary process to halt was ignored.

A Council meeting was held last Saturday, 27th March, attended by myself and one other SW Centre Committee member, where there was a discussion and proposal of ‘No Confidence in the current MG Car Club Executive Committee’. Of the 36 voting attendees, 28 voted for the proposal (6 against and 2 abstained) and therefore the proposal was carried.

There has now been a call for an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the MG Car Club to take place on line on Saturday 17th April at 11:00.  The current executive committee have blocked requests to advertise the meeting on the MG Car Club website and in the April edition of Safety Fast. The SW Centre Committee have decided to advertise the EGM in as many ways as possible including this post on the website and also our Facebook page.

To read more information and register to join the meeting, please see the following links: –

I hope that you can register and join the meeting so that we can resolve this worrying problem the MG Car Club is facing at the moment.

Jim Lott, Chairman MGCC SW Centre

4 comments on “MG Car Club EGM 17th April 2021 11:00am”

  1. Rodney Payne Reply

    I suspect that the matter is to do with money.
    There can be no doubt that the club is in a serious position; preventing meetings and blocking advertisements are the stuff of banana republic politics not British enthusiasts’
    meeting places.
    Mark my words, there is more to this than meets the eye.

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  3. Andy Goves Reply


    Thank you very much for alerting me to this very serious matter.

    I have registered as an observer for the 1100 hours virtual EGM being held today and have retained a screenshot of my application being properly received by the MGCC at 1409 hours on 7th April 2021.

    Sadly, despite the indications about the joining instructions being emailed out well in advance of today’s meeting, I have not received anything via email and with only one hour left until the start of the EGM, it now appears unlikely I will be able to join you in today’s very important meeting.

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to circulate a note about the outcomes in due course?

    Kind regards.

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