Chairman’s Chat 15th June 21

Had a great day out last Sunday at Thruxton, 5 MGs attended and we were entertained with some great Classic racing. The sight and sound of 16 E Type Jaguars charging into the Complex was a sight to behold.

As the June 21st date for easing of Covid lockdown restrictions has been extended to the 19th July, we have taken the decision to postpone the Summer Picnic until sometime in August. I will announce the date as soon as we can get confirmation from the East Somerset Railway.

I have had a new event come into my mail box of a social run around the Mendips starting and finishing in the village of Burtle on the 7th August. Funds raised will be going to the restoration of the village churches. I will put an event page up when I get the full details.

3 comments on “Chairman’s Chat 15th June 21”

  1. Chris Pelmear Reply

    Hello Jim

    Is the MGOG2 still on, as you did not mention it?



    • Jim Lott Reply

      Hi Chris,
      AS long as Boris does not change the date again, MGOG2 should take place. AS I have said previously, all dates are provisional on whatever guidance is in place at the time. AS the event is scheduled for July 25th this is passed the July 19th end date that has recently been set, so all being well, it should go ahead.

  2. David Jacobs Reply

    Please note that the Middlewick House event is not going to be run as a club event this year due to the Covid restrictions.

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