Chairman’s Chat 24th August 2021

The summer picnic last weekend was a success with 22 cars attending. The Centre has made a small donation to the East Somerset Railway in appreciation of the event. The photo below shows the cars lined up in the parking area.

Natters: The 2 lunchtime natters were well attended and the Ring O’Bells Natter took place on the 3rd August. The Gloucester Natter is starting up again on the 4th Thursday of the month starting on the 30th of September. Details can be found on the Natters Page by clicking here.

Our next event is the Wiscombe Hillclimb and spectators are allowed in again. Tickets can be obtained here

Jim Lott
Chairman MGCC SW Centre

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  1. Nigel Silman

    Hi Jim,

    There used to be a natter at the Fix & Goose in Combe Bisset, but it’s not on the current natter list. Does this need someone to pick up the lead? If so I would be happy to do so as I live 10 minutes away and used to attend. Drop me a line if I can help.

    1. Jim Lott

      Hi Nigel,
      You are correct about the Fox and Goose. However, I tried to contact Nick Dean (the advertised Natter Leader) and could not get hold of him so I took it off the list.
      I am quite happy for you to take it on as natter leader, can I assume the 3rd Tuesday of the month still? Please reply to with contact details so I can update the website.
      Thanks Jim Lott

  2. Roger Cadogan

    As a member who regularly attends the Fox & Goose natter I am a little disappointed at the replacement of Nick Dean as natter leader in such a manner. I can assure you that the natter is in fine fettle ,despite the covid hiatus. It has a very stable core membership many of whom have been there through three different venues and some decades. Members who have used it include Roger Stanbury,
    Colin Tieche , Dave Brown , Bruce Weston and Bob Baynton-Jones and to my personal recollection three were natter leaders. We have always managed our own local affairs including picking a successor to natter leaders. In instigating this change in such a manner I can only express my personal dismay at the way the MGCC is operating these days. At an informal lunchtime meeting today of established regular attendees to the F&G natter none of us knew of the new leader or had any recollection of him ever attending.
    With regard to the inability to contact Nick Dean did you consider checking with Kimber House as Nick assures me that that they have all current contact information for him.
    As I have said these are personal views but whilst I would not presume to speak for the others at what was regarded as our natter from my long association with them all I suspect that none would take issue with me.

    Roger Cadogan Fox & Goose stalwart.

    1. Jim Lott

      Roger, I can assure you that there was no intention in upsetting the Fox and Goose Natter. When I announced that the Natters would be resuming, I tried to phone Nick on the number I had for him, but the phone rang and then hung up. I did try several times. Yes I should have checked with KH for his details, but with everything else going on it slipped my mind. ​I therefore took the natter off the list.

      In my chairman’s chat of 27th July, I asked if anyone knew if the Fox and Goose Natter was still going and had no response.

      Nigel Silman messaged me and asked if someone was needed to pick up the lead and as I hadn’t heard any different I said yes. I have no objection to Nick carrying on as leader and if that is the case I will reinstate the Natter Entry onto the website with Nick as the leader. Please get Nick to contact me either on my mobile 07773491954 or by email

      Jim Lott Chairman MGCCSW Centre

  3. Bob Jones

    As one of the F&G stalwarts for over 40 years I’m delighted that what was clearly a communication issue has been sorted out. Like Roger I was very concerned that the work and enthusiasm which Nick has put into the job for a very long time should not have been given more recognition. This is a very active group. Collectively we compete in racing, speed events and continental rallies, Regulars attending here travel from up to 40 miles away to enjoy the banter and the beer. I don’t remember having met Nigel at any of our meetings but we would all be delighted to see him on the third Tuesday of any month, and even more delighted if his car has its camshaft above the valves1
    For anyone who would like more information, contact our leader Nick at

    1. Jim Lott

      Thank you for your understanding Bob,
      I have re-instated the Natter in the Natters list with the new contact details for Nick.
      If you have any events organised by the Natter that you need to publicise on the website, please let me know.
      Jim Lott
      Chairman MGCCSW Centre

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