MGs On Grass Autotest 25th July 2021

MG CAR CLUB Ltd (South West)

MGOG2 – MGs on Grass (Two)

Sunday July 25th 2021

Once again we make a return to Claverham Court Farm for the ever popular MGOG2, organised by Dave Coppock.  This fun event is back after a 2020 “Covid holiday”. 

The venue is a smooth and flat six acre field where Dave lays out some interesting ALL FORWARDS (no embarrassing reversing) tests of your car’s agility and your car control.  The event is non damaging being neither rough nor muddy and is always enjoyed by drivers of all skills.  Yes, there is a competitive element, but that is what MGs are made for.  There are classes for all types of MG, but entries from non MGs are very welcome.  Several local clubs are invited, so check the Regs on the Club website for details at :

An editable entry form can be downloaded here

Entrants will need to have a Motor Sport UK RS Clubman’s Licence.  The licence is free and can be applied for on line in just a couple of minutes.  RS Clubman Licence – Motorsport UK

The event will be run In accordance with prevailing MSUK Covid protocol.  All entries will be paperless (although organisers may at their discretion accept postal entries).  Payment is by bank transfer. Prior booking of the event would be appreciated.

Further details can be obtained from Dave Coppock at :

Tel : 07767 498151.  Or any member of MGCC (SW) Committee.

Claverham Court Farm is near Yatton about 10 miles south of Bristol.

Grid Ref  154/44406695.