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Y Register Round Britian Relay visits the SW

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the MG Y Type. The Y Register has organised a Round Britian Relay. The event set off in 2 directions from the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Dartford on 3rd June and will finish at Kimber House on Sunday 30th July.

On Tuesday 13th June the Relay will be passing through the SW region with Slater Reynolds collecting the Southern section baton at Sainsbury’s Taunton from Allan Dinsdale at 10.00am aiming to be at Sainsbury’s Winterstoke between mid-day and 2.00ish.

Then it’s off to Iford for the evening and then on the 14th meet Peter Yielvoye at Sainsbury’s Gloucester Quays at mid-day again to hand over the Baton. Peter is later taking the baton to MG Live.

For more details on the Y Register Tour of Britain visit

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  1. Allan Dinsdale.

    I want to put you right.
    I am passing the baton to Slater,in Taunton .
    My name is. ALLAN DINSDALE.
    Not Alan Dimsdale.
    My Ytype has performed in many rallies,with great success.
    Le Jog 1994 1995 1996,winning class each year.

  2. Ian Beningfield

    Sorry Allan, hopefully all fixed now. If you have any photos please email them and we can post an update

    1. Allan Dinsdale.

      Thanks for reply.

  3. Allan Dinsdale.

    Thanks for the reply.

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