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Chairman’s Chat – 5th July 22

It’s been a while since my last update, since then I’ve spent two weeks in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains with work amazing scenery but very poor when it comes to an internet connection to write these notes!

Aside from my work travels I was able to attend MG Live at Silverstone before I left and had a great day’s fun taking part in the autosolo. Autosolo’s and autotests are true grass roots motorsport, no modifications are needed to your car to take part. Rather than all out speed they’re a test of driver skill (and memory) to navigate around the course of cones.

At MG Live I was able to catch up with the person responsible for these types of event at Motorsport UK. Currently drivers under 17 can enter autotests but they must be in a saloon car, as this rules out many of our vehicles I explained that this was a shame as it stopped children or grandchildren having perhaps their first drive in an MG in a fun and safe environment. They’ve promised to take a look at this rule and think a period exemption in the future may be possible.

Coming up later this month we have our next SW Centre autotest on the 24th July, entry forms will be available soon on our website – As soon as they’re live I’ll post an update to let everyone know.

Finally for this week Bristol Pegasus MC will be marking their 75th anniversary this month, the original celebration was meant to be in 2020 but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. To mark the date they will be holding an event at Castle Combe circuit with track day and demo runs on the circuit and car displays in the paddock. It would be great to have a selection of SW Centre cars on display spanning the 75 years (and before) of Pegasus, I’ll be there with Neil Lock if you would like to join us and display your car please let me know, entry is free and there’s more info here

Until next week


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