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Important changes to 2020 competitive events

Last month Motorsport UK (MUK) who are in charge of regulating motorsport events in the UK announced changes that will affect all MGCC SW competitors next year.

The changes mean that anyone wanting to take part in any of our competitive will require a MUK competition licence. The table below shows which type of licence will be required

Event Minimum Licence Required
Kimber Classic Trial  RS Clubmans 
MGs on Grass 1 & 2  RS Clubmans 
Navi Scatter  RS Clubmans 
Kimber Trial  RS Clubmans 
Wiscombe Hillclimb  RS Interclub 
Social Runs  Not required 

The new RS Clubmans licence required for most of our events is available Free of Charge and can be applied for online at

Passengers in events will also be required to hold a valid RS Clubmans licence

We will be shortly updating all of our event entry forms to reflect these changes and the new 2020 calendar will be available soon.

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