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MGB – Help needed to locate missing parts

I’ve had a an email from SW member eager to locate parts now missing from his MGB Roadster

Attached is a pic of my Oselli-tuned MGB roadster. I first bought this car in 2011 and then, stupidly, sold it in 2020.

The car was bought by someone in the Southampton area and then sold and resold a number of further times. Long story, short, I bought it back, 3 weeks ago ( yeah, I shouldn’t have sold it! ).

I was told it was exactly as it had been when I sold it. Not quite true – the roll-over bar and the purpose modified tonneau were missing. I do not have the identity of the two buyers, as the V5 is also missing!

The roll-over bar was fitted in 1982 and I know from the history file that it was NOT a BL item. Therefore, I am eager to locate these items as my B has holes in the floor where the bar was mounted.

If you can help Geoff then please get in touch be email me at and I’ll pass on any information

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