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Help wanted. I have been asked if the MG Car Club can provide Scrutineering Marshals at the start of this years Lands End Trial? The trial starts in Cirencester on Good Friday (15th April 2022) evening with Motorcycles setting off first and then the Cars about an hour later. The start venue is Hare Bushes Service Area, A417 Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
The task is not onerous, as we only have to check on the overall condition, Lights, Horn and MOT (if applicable). The main class scrutineering is now done on line.
I can normally get together a team of 6 people to help. This year I have only been able to recruit 1 off my usual list and I need at least 4 others.
I if you think you can help can you email me at so I can add you to my list.

Chairman’s New Year Lunch is this Saturday 26th February. All of the meal choices have been sent to The White Hart. If you can arrive after midday please, we are set to sit down and start eating at 13:00. 28 members have signed up so we should have a good meeting and meal. I look forward to welcoming you on Saturday.

Jim Lott
Chairman MGCC SW Centre

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