Centenary Social Run 20th August now live

The date of the Centenary Social Run has been changed from 13th August to 20th August due to a clash with another event. The updated Regulations and an Entry Form for the Social Run are available on the event page by clicking here Regulations and Entry Form.

I have just updated the following events on the website calendar;
23rd July – MGs On Grass 2 (https://www.mgccsw.com/event/mgs-on-grass-2-autotest-23rd-july-2023/) Regs and entry form are live. I look forward to your entries.

30th July, I have also uploaded the regs for another Minehead Motor Club Autotest, this time on July 30th again at the rugby training pitch at Ellicombe, near Minehead. We had 3 MGs at the last one on 25th June (see the report mentioned below) and I would like to see a few more MGs on the 30th if possible. It is great fun and non damaging.

I have added an event report highlighting the MGs that took part in the Minehead Motor Club, Autotest event at Ellicombe on 25th June.
https://www.mgccsw.com/event-report-ellicombe-autotest-25th-june-2023/ The report includes some photos of the MGs and a link to the South West Centre, You Tube Channel where I have uploaded a video of the MGs competing at the event.

Jim Lott
Competition Secretary
MGCC SW Centre

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