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MGs on Grass 2 2022 Results

As always thank you to Mr George Atwell for use of the field, to Dave Coppock for organising and the marshals without whom none of the drivers would have been able to take part in an enjoyable days motorsport

Five attempts were made for each test, the best 4 scores counted

Combined Scores

Mark WichenMG TDT Types808.781st in Class
Frank VautierMG TAT Types848.49
Chris PelmearMG MidgetOld MG681.121st in Class
Bernard NorthmoreMGB GTOld MG788.05
Andy MorrisMGBOld MG748.14
Mike AngwinMG FModern MG740.931st in Class
Jim LottMG FModern MG911.310
Ian BeningfieldMG TFModern MG792.06
Les AndrewPeugeotNon MGs662.611st in Class
Giles PurseyEscortNon MGs793.17
Peter JonesHyundiNon MGs961.411

Best MG – Chris Pelmear MG MIdget

Best Time of the Day – Les Andrew Peugeot 104

Full results are available to download here

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