Chairman’s Chat 3rd August 2021

I have just uploaded the report from our first competitive event since the Covid Lockdown began, MGs On Grass (no number this year as we only have the one event). A very enjoyable day was had by all who took part and you can read all about it at

As it it s the first Tuesday of the Month, the Ring O’ Bells Natter will take place tonight starting at 19:30 at the Ring O’ Bell, Compton Martin. Unfortunately, I am still unable to drive either of my MGs due to a torn shoulder muscle, so I will not be attending, but Dave Heath (who is in temporary charge tonight) will make you most welcome, I am sure.

Our next advertised event is the Pip ‘n’ Jay Classique Road Run on Saturday 7th August, full details can be found at

Jim Lott
Chairman MG Car Club SW Centre

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