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Chairman’s Chat – 3rd May

It seems an age since I last wrote my last chat, for me most of April has been a write off, despite having all my vaccines I managed to catch covid again and it absolutely floored me. I was off work for a few weeks and when I did manage to return I was exhausted by the end of the day. Thankfully I’m back on my feet now but I must thank the committee for stepping in and picking things up whilst I was out of action

With May upon us now, the traditional SW Centre events are about to resume after a break for the pandemic. First up is MGs on Grass 1 this Sunday 8th May. For those who haven’t taken part before in MGs on Grass (MGoG) is a a true grass roots motorsport event, no experience is needed and its suitable for any cars from vintage through to modern with no modifications needed.

MGoG is an autotest and as the name suggests take place on grass, the aim is to drive the course that has been laid out using cones as fast as you can, although the emphasis is on car control rather than outright speed, the courses are tight and twisty and you’ll rarely get out of second gear, hitting a cone or getting the course wrong will incur a time penalty which will be added to your overall score.

During the day you will get the chance to tackle each course several times with the chance to drop your worst time, at the end of the day whoever has the lowest overall time wins. To give you a sense of what to expect below is my video from one of the tests from the 2017 event. (My midget is setup for the track and has very stiff suspension – the field wasn’t quite as bumpy as it may look)

As well as a competitive event it’s also a great social event, there will be plenty of time at the event in between runs to chat and admire each other’s cars. If you’re interested then details of how to enter are available here Regular competitors please note that for 2022 the venue for MGoG has moved details are in the link please don’t turn up at Charmy Down!

Sadly I’m away with the MG Speed Championship at the weekend so I won’t be able to attend this year, however is like me you can’t make this event there will be another MGs on Grass later in the year on the 24th July.

Next up in a few weeks time we have the first of our social runs – the Wye Valley Run on the 22nd May details more details on that next week

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